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A School Governance Team is a governing entity created when the Carrollton City School System became a charter school system in July 2014. All four of Carrollton’s schools have their own SGTs.

Members of SGTs are elected to two-year terms and are required to go through extensive training. Parent representatives may serve a maximum of one term (two years) per school, which means they are eligible to seek election at different schools as their children progress through the system.

Each SGT has a total of seven members that includes three community members, two of whom must be parents/guardians of students enrolled at the school with the remaining community member appointed by the principal and approved by the SGT. Also serving are the principal who serves as the chairperson and three certified staff members, two who are elected by the school’s staff and the other appointed by the principal. They also serve two-year terms.

School Governance Teams meet nine times during the school year with an occasional work session added when needed.

Below are members of the 2017-2018 Carrollton Junior High School SGT:

  1. Travis Thomaston – Principal
  2. Catherine Moncayo – Elected Parent
  3. Shae Cox – Appointed Community Member
  4. Denise Botkin – Elected Teacher
  5. Juan Redwine – Elected Teacher
  6. Kim Robinson – Appointed Teacher
  7. Brian Mosier – Elected Parent

CJHS SGT agendas, minutes and goals